Located in Cranbrook and Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Prosper Marketing is a small, remote digital marketing company founded by Jonny Van Marrum in 2019. With business building, human psychology, and tech all passions, it seemed like a no-brainer for Jonny to get into the digital marketing industry. Soon the company was born.

Initially, Prosper Marketing was designed to grow businesses in the automotive niches after discovering gaps in the market. We have since been rapidly expanding our services and client base in order to serve our clients that are in many different fields of work.

Our clients have praised our attention to detail and ambition to get things done, and we only strive to continue to provide the same quality of service to all our clients in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the best digital marketing company North America has ever seen. To achieve a goal of this magnitude we push to recreate the environment to benefit the client better, making a large impact in their business in an otherwise relentless marketplace.

We know many business owners have been burned by the marketing industry before. A few bad eggs in the marketing business can easily give the industry a bad name, we want to heal those scars by bringing honesty and commitment to the table to restore marketing as a whole back to what it should be; A company growth investment, with a profitable return.

Our Values

1- We strive to go above and beyond for our clients, doing our utmost best to help in their unique situations.

2 - Our client relationships must be a mutually beneficial agreement. If both parties arent benefiting it's not sustainable.

3 - We work with clients we like. Good communication and mutual respect are the building blocks of good business.

4 - Innovation is important to us. We believe in constant improvement, creativity, and adaptation.

5 - Integrity is part of everything we do. Honesty and ethical practices come before profits.

6 - We believe in good teamwork. Collaboration and supporting each other to achieve a common goal.


We leverage new technology to streamline our processes where possible, when it does'nt have a negative impact on our personal engagement to a project. This ensures faster project times while maintaining our effective strategies.


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