Frequently asked questions

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Im worried about spending money on advertising.

This is a big obstacle many business owners face before making a marketing decision, however the point of marketing in the first place is to MAKE you money, not spend it. It's an investment into your company, like a change machine, but instead of putting bills in and taking out change, it's the other way around.

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How will I know if your marketing is working?

The first sign you should see that our marketing is working is an increase in customers to your business or website, but we provide a full report at the end of each month to display how well the marketing campaign and social media accounts are performing.

Do you use other social media advertising platforms?

We can set up advertisements for your business on Google if you prefer, however because of the advanced targeting and complex facebook algorithms we recommend using Facebook ads.

Note: Facebook and Instagram are now owned by the same company so advertising through Facebook also easily crosses over to Instagram as an option.

Where is Prosper Marketing located?

Prosper Marketing is proudly Canadian company located in Cranbrook, surrounded by the breathtaking mountains of British Columbia.

But don't worry, we work remotely in the U.S. and Canada.

What if i'm not located in the same city?

Although we are based out of Cranbrook, B.C. we are fully capable of working remotely, so we can build marketing strategies with anyone in Canada or the United States!

Can you build a website for my business?

We build full, stunning websites for our clients that are fully search engine optimized for organic traffic. This service is charged at a flat rate or on a monthly subscription, so we can create your website even if you aren't currently using our marketing services.

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